Abramar is headquartered in the southern state of Santa Catarina. Abramar has a long history of investing and developing in Santa Catarina and the local economic and market factors make this a favorable place to do business in the near term.

Port city of Itajaí - Autor Eduardo Marquetti (Licença)

Six of the top ten metropolitan regions in Brazil as ranked by the Human Development Index (HDI - a measure of factors such as income, health, and quality of life) are in Santa Catarina including the top four in the country.  In this measure Santa Catarina is similar to many European countries.  Santa Catarina was also recently ranked first in the country in economic well being.  If Santa Catarina were a country in and of itself it has:
  • GDP of Croatia ($67.2B)
  • Population of Uruguay (6.1M)
  • GDP per Capita of Costa Rica ($11,103)
Over the past two decades the population in Santa Catarina has grown faster than the country as a whole and massive floods 2008 served to exacerbate the local housing shortage.  Abramar's analysis estimates a 10 year housing deficit in Santa Catarina of over 800,000 units.  Within Abramar's target markets this represents a demand of over 360,000 units.